I've always found it far more interesting what others say about you than what you say about yourself. Truly humbled and grateful for a few of these kind words from people I trust and respect. You can visit my full LinkedIn profile here.

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I’ve worked with agency people for over 20 years as both a peer and a client. Ian stands out as someone I would want on my team from both sides. Three key reasons: He’s ruthlessly pragmatic. There is no problem for which he cannot orchestrate a simple, methodical way to tackle. He sees the big picture. In the ever-changing world of digital, he keeps teams focused on what’s most important and away from swirl. Finally, he’s a strong leader that develops strong teams. Strong internal teams, strong partnerships with the clients. It’s a team sport and his candor, brains and can-do attitude make him a natural leader that I hope to work with for many more years.


Ian is not just a great social media strategist, he is a great leader in any context. Over our years working together, he has evolved from standalone change agent and advisor to the architect and leader of a robust team doing extremely innovative client work. He's done it all with humor, humility, and a deep understanding for how business - both Ogilvy's and that of his clients - works.


I am proud to consider Ian a colleague, trusted adviser and friend. Ian consistently demonstrates strategic foresight, professionalism and candor. His creativity and curiosity are two of his strengths I greatly admire.

Not only was Ian a great manager, but he helped me earn a number of new opportunities while at Ogilvy. Under his supervision and encouragement, I grew my social expertise, management skills, client relationships and expanded my network of colleagues. 

Ian's experience and mentorship helped me grow into the professional I am today.

I joined Ogilvy on the basis of many things, one of which was the people who worked there - a fact that was reinforced on joining when I realized just how much I learned from them on a daily basis.

Ian is one of those people. 

Whip smart without being condescending; a leader without being a dictator, and someone who truly got the intersection between human behavior, digital + social and how to present that thinking to clients so that they would fall in love with and execute on his ideas.

Oh, and new business is one of his huge strengths, particularly the brainstorming/ideas conceptualizing part. 

That's all. I personally cannot stand fawning, obviously fake reviews on LinkedIn and I don't want this to in any way seem like it might be one of those. 

Work with Ian. You will not regret it (or if you do, email me and I will obviously have to make some changes here).

I had the pleasure of working with Ian for over two and a half years and could not have been more grateful for his advice, strategic guidance, sense of humor, and mentorship. Working together on projects for Ford, I was able to experience Ian's leadership in action: he instills client trust early on, is fantastic at motivating a team, and is a superior manager both of people and projects. Ian exudes professionalism and even in moments when I or others wanted to vent or complain, Ian always steered the conversation back to solutions. When not working on the same projects or clients, Ian was one of my first calls when I needed senior level advice or a quick gut check. While his advice was always spot on and helpful, what meant the most was he always took the call. Ian's impact on Ogilvy was truly best defined by the response upon learning he was headed on to a new opportunity: every single person expressed disappointment and reflected on what a great leader he'd been for his team and a great friend and example he'd been for the entire organization.